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The website contains the statistics, policies, festivals, and exhibition offered by China national Tourism Administration.

People who travel to Spain, must the tips explained in the below article.

Apart from holding some bathroom tissues with you, you must aware various other bathroom tips. The bathroom switch location follows logic rarely. You can find the bathroom switch light inside or outside of the stall, in the hallway which is outside the bathroom or inside the bathroom. Many of the bathroom light switches have automatic timers which mean it remains on for a minute time approximately. You don’t get surprised if you left in the dark. To prevent unexpected dark, you can bring a keychain flashlight and a tissue packet.

Most adults within the age group 21-60 normally participate in Siesta. The number of participants in Siesta is very less than the expected people. Normally Siesta time is in the middle of the day and you will be delightful at that time.

You could not do anything at this time period since bars and restaurants will open between 2 pm to 5 pm in most of the big cities and retail and souvenir shops will open in this period but it is only exceptional so you must plan your meal time accordingly in this country. You can have your lunch between 2-5 pm and dinner after 9 pm and in the remaining time, you can fix any non-food related activities.

The next thing you must aware about Spain is traveler’s check is not the standard practice here. If you take travelers check to Spain, then it is good to have the address of AmEx office. You can cash them there or also at an airport but you need to pay high commissions for them. Though many restaurants, taxis will allow credit card payments, there are few pop places that accept only cash payment. The bankers in Spain will not remain open after 2 pm so it is good to do all the money exchanges in the morning or before 2 pm.

You must be cautious when carrying valuable items and cash because of the possibilities of theft. Though theft is not common in Spain, the country experiences some theft cases. You can take some amount of money with you in two different parts of your body and a credit card.

The streets in Spain face high noise because you can find a huge number of people over there. Whether it is early morning or midnight, you can find small children to old people in the terrace or in the streets in all types of climate. You can just use earplugs when going outside.

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