Spain is a wonderful place for a vacation trip and it is famous for architectural wonders, rich heritage, vibrant culture, serene beaches etc. When packing luggage for Spain, you must ensure whether you included the below things.

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Though Spain is a very safe place to visit, there are possibilities of theft, particularly in Barcelona. You must be smart when holding valuables and you can take a purse that protects your valuables more than snap.

When packing shoes for Spain, high heels are not the preferable option since it can spoil your night. You can pack some wedges, flats. You can even shop wedges in the local stores of Spain. You must ensure whether the flip-flop you pack is waterproof because you can take it to beach or use in hotel showers. It is good if you wear flip-flop with arch support as it avoids soreness in your feet.

If you like to eat more baking foods in Spain, then you must bring a lot of items which the destination country actually lacks such as measuring cups, real brown sugar, extracts etc. You fill your bag space with peanut butter, hot sauce/sriracha since these items are not common in Spain.

If you are the person who likes reading, then you can use E-reader option instead of books since you want to pay additional 30 pounds for books.

You think to bring smart electronic devices such as straighteners, blow dryers etc to Spain. But don’t do it since certain voltages may damage or fuse the internal parts in your device. You can take your laptop, SmartPhone, built-in adapters are good options to Spain.

Many people think wrongly that Spanish never wear shorts and avoid shorts in packing. Europeans wear shorts but don’t use bootie shorts and never respect people wearing bootie shorts. It is tough to find some toiletries in Spain. Don’t pack more toiletries items in your bag and waste the space. You can get the required items from the barber shop available on every block.

You can bring your Smartphone to Spain and most Spanish people use Whatsapp rather than texting. You can take a SmartPhone with GSM network. In Spain, you need to travel in budgeted airlines to visit different tourist places and a small backpack is the best option for moving around the city. There are several manufacturers produce branded backpacks and other packs. You must research several bags and choose the best that fits your travel packing items.

You must also find the right bank in Spain that processes all your ATM withdrawal in Spain without demanding high service charge.

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